Saturday, May 03, 2008


I have now recovered from my month of travels. Seems like I have almost been from one end of the country to the other. Michigan to Texas to Mexico to Texas to Arizona to Michigan to Pennsylvania, to Michigan to Illinois to Michigan.

The SAQA/SD conference in Wayne, PA was a resounding success. The workshops were by enlarge good and provide a ton of good information. The exhibit at the Wayne Art Center was outstanding. And as always it was good to see familiar faces and to be able to put a new face with a name. I hope it is the first in a series of collaborative efforts.

IQA in Chicago was great fun for me. I went wearing my SAQA "hat" and tried to be an ambassador for the organization. Clairan Ferrono did and outstanding job as coordinator of the SAQA table and all the volunteers. She made it look effortless, even though I know how many hours she spend.

There so many great SAQA members who volunteered their time. Ir is wonderful to be a part of an organization where members are energized and willing to give something extra to the group.
A big thank you to:
Karen Abramson, Carol Abramofsky, Jane Aldretta, Darcy Berg, Jennifer Conrad, Jane Cooperman, Margaret Cusack, JoAnn Deck, Cheryl Dineen Ferrin, Sheila Haberman, Denise Havlan, Cathy Jeffers, Gwen Jones, Mary Jo Lawrence, Kate Lenkowsky, Karen Musgrave , Stephanie Nordlin , Linda Olson, BJ Parady , Virginia Spiegel , Kathleen Stuart , Desi Vaughn , Kathy Weaver and Carol Vinick

In addition I did a gallery walk for SAQA's two exhibits, Creative Force and A Sense of Place. My idea was not to do all the talking like a lecture, but rather speak a little and encourage those who were there to have a dialogue about the works that we were viewing. I was pleasantly surprise on how enthusiastic the group was. In fact it went on beyond the planned 40 minuets to an hour and a half!! I really was energized by the discussion and would happily do it again.


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