Sunday, May 04, 2008

House project

I have completed a house as part of a local invitational exhibit. 20 other artists from all mediums have been invited to create a home. This is a picture of the front of 7 Meadow Drive 2008

House is simply the word for a physical structure;

A Home is the word for the place where individuals live. It congers up feelings of birth place, belonging, togetherness, cooperation, assistance, joy and above all love.

My home is a place of warmth where you hang your hat It is a place of refuge, full of laughter, music and conversation. It is a place that nurtures dreams, innovation, art and creativity. It is a place of wonder

where you imagine and share/ Finally it is a place of love and growth.

Materials: Pellon, acrylic paints, gel medium, molding paste, watercolors, pastels, grass,
color/black and white photo copies of photographs and pictures, various fibers, beads and embellishments.

Techniques: The pellon was cut to size and covered with a layer of gesso. Paint and molding paste was applied to simulate the interior and exterior walls. Copies were appliqued. Various paints were layered and sanded and layered again. Details were added with molding paste and painted. Dried grasses were added to roof the exterior. Finally various fibers and embellishments were added.


Blogger Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Oh my gosh Peg, this is so cool! I almost thought I was looking at a photograph of a real cottage! I hope you are going to make more ...

12:42 PM  
Blogger friedaquilter said...

Peggy, as you don't ever respond to your e-mail messages and as I want to make sure you get this message, here is the copy of the e-mail I send you today on behalf of Nikki Tinkler, Alicia Merritt and myself:

This will be my final e-mail to you before I will publicize the whole sad tale of the From the Heart exhibition quilts which have still not been returned to their rightful owners although you have had them in your possesssion (by your own admission) since the beginning of May. All participants are now aware of this situation. We will take steps to publicize everything you have or rather have not done about these quilts. You have not returned them, you have not let us know what is happening, you have not replied to anyone's emails (apart from one to me at the beginning of June after I left a message on your answer phone and everything you said you would do in that e-mail you haven't done). I was staggered to discover that Nikki has been trying to communicate with you since December 2007 without hearing anything from you. I have no idea why this is so and we are aware of the fact that you are alive and kicking as you attended a SAQA meeting last weekend and were seen there.
I can find no excuse as to your behaviour and I'm sad, disappointed and yes, just plain furious to have to take the next step but I will do so this coming weekend. I will post the entire sad saga on my blog (read by 25.000 people), on the QuiltArt list and I will also make everyone on the SAQA board aware of these facts. This will have the result of ruining your reputation in the quilting world.

I will only desist from doing this if you can provide me with tracking numbers for return shipment of every quilt in the exhibition.

As you can tell from my signature I have had a quilt stolen once before and what else am I to call this? We are the rightful owners of our quilts, we have been promised return shipment in May but you are refusing to return them. You can draw your own conclusions as to what that makes you in our opinion. So far I have not contacted my own insurance company but will now have no hesitation in doing so in the very near future which will also require me to report it to the police with all the consequences this will have for you. Is this really want you want??

We have tried being nice, we have tried calling you, we have tried e-mailing you, Mary Claire (from Mancuso) has tried writing to you, but all in vain. We have given you every opportunity to do something about the situation but at the weekend I for one, with the support from Nikki and Alicia, will turn nasty in a last-ditch attempt to retrieve our work. Both Nikki and I have already had to withdraw our work from other exhibitions and I find it very hard if not impossible to believe that a fellow quilter has put us through all this.

I await the tracking numbers

6:07 PM  

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