Monday, February 23, 2009

A Walk in the desert

Yesterday Jerry and I drove up towards Phoenix to meet Becky. We met her in Maricopa....just south of the city and drove about 25 miles to the Maricopa Wilderness. The Wilderness area is thousands of acres of land and is home to a section of the old Butterfield Trail

We were both happy and sad to find that the wilderness area is closed to all motorized vehicles/ Happy because in the past few years we have noted a huge increase in off road vehicle damage. And sad because we would not have enough time to hike, nor were we prepared to the areas we wanted to share with Becky

We did walk for a few miles....and saw a lot of beautiful scenery.

I could not resist in taking a photo of the old cactus ribs and spines....decaying with new life growing all in the same spot. If you click on the image at the right you will see tiney white and yellow flowers growing amoung the old cactus spines and skin.I continue to be fascinated with the shapes one finds in nature.


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