Monday, November 10, 2008

Some New Work

I have been working on several mixed media pieces. Fall ( on the left) is one of the ones I happen to like the best. At least today that is my feeling.
I started these pieces hoping to make something for Virginia's collage project. However they kept growing and are WAY to big.
In fall I tried to capture the feelig of the capriciousness of the wind...and the sense that something is coming to an end.

This one started with a collection of scraps of paper and pictures from magzines that captured the media during the so called "bail out"
I thought that the image of insurance companies being treated like meat on a chopping block was approprite as was the golden parachute.
Some how it all evaproates into nothingness.

These pieces all started with stitching and then the fun begins.
I find if most freeing to work on these collages. I like using gesso. paint. gel medium, oil crayons, paper and fabric to create an image.
Tomorrow I will post two more
I would be happy to have your response to these.


Blogger margaret said...

"Fall" hits all the right buttons for me - the colourway, the great swoop of the wind, the fragility of the tree, the mistiness ... love it!

5:03 PM  

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