Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ah Summer

I have just picked a quart of raspberries, weeded the garden, eaten my first sweet corn and most importantly finished four quilts. Some times being a full time studio artist is not easy. But other times it is almost effortless. Not in terms of energy spent, but in terms of seamless productivity.

My new series Mixed forest has been an eye opener for me, the work just seems to

flow in an endless stream. The connecting themes are forests and the idea that sometimes the past, present and future seem to collide and when they do you experience strange things. In Late Afternoon the one gets a glimpse of the past or perhaps the future?

Early Morning is another such encounter. As a young couple walk off into the woods, and way ahead are shadowy figures of an older couple

I have done two others...and have three more on the design wall.


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