Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Good images.

Good images are so important to getting in exhibitions. I know this, and yet I keep trying to take my own images.

Take for instance Reflections V at the left. I took this photo in my studio...knowing that the lighting was less than perfect. Given Michigan's gray winters it is no wonder the murky quality of this attempt.

Also I had to consider that this work is largely silk...which has such reflective qualities. I managed to ignore that fact as I tried to capture the textural quality of the work.

After studying the piece I concluded that I needed a professional who could shoot this work and perhaps bring out its best qualities

So I contacted Gregory Case...photographer extraordinaire!

and here are the results.

Greg did a wonderful job getting the color correct. down playing the reflections and emphasizing the over all design work.
The quilting lines and overlays are evident but do not overwhelm the work.
Lesson Learned! I can't do everything....I am an artist who works with fiber...not film or digital imagry.


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