Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fiber Art Retreat

I am home and recovering from a busy and productive fiber arts weekend. Fabrication, our local group organized its third retreat. Cathy Arnett is the leader, and Desie Vaughn, Kathy Briggs and me are her help mates. The weekend was almost with out glitches...if such a thing is possible. Organizing this event has been a huge learning curve for us.

This year we had 50 participants. What a wonderful, creative and lively group it was. We had three workshop leaders, Pamela Allen, Jeannie Beck and Laura Cater-Woods. Each workshop had a wonderful room, with lots of natural light. Actually Jeannie had two rooms, one for printing and other wet messy work, and another for sewing. All the rooms joined a central "pod" where participants gathered for lunch and evening activities.

We we pleased that attendees were pleased with the experience and eager to preregister for next falls retreat.

When we started this three years ago, we hoped in 5 years to have a maximum of 100 participants. Looks like we will make that next year.

The only downer was I came home to a rejection letter from Form Not Function. I had really thought that my new work would be accepted. Since you get so little feedback I feel rather in never never land. I am not sure why these new works are having such a difficult time. People whose opinion I value say they are good work..distinctively keeney..interesting, good composition etc etc

S0 I have been thinking that I should probably take some time off from entering exhibits and just do work.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I have been on the edge of tears for the past two days. Trying to adjust to not hearing from Quilt National. I know in my heart that it is foolishness...as this is the first time I entered. However, at the time I was so confident that my work was right up there and could compete.
I entered one work that was sculptural..I really enjoy working over wire mesh..and being able to "shape" the finish structure. Flying High is one such piece that I did for the Michigan Artists Invitational...The rich jewel tone colors were a joy to work with.
SO even though at this late date I have neither an acceptance or rejection letter I feel in limbo. Perhaps I should just take a break from entering exhibits and just regroup.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Amazons All...in progress

Today I finally had a block of time to start serious work on the Amazons piece.
She is ment to represent all woman, and when she gets her face it will (hopefully) depict wisdom...
I rather like her floating. She will be surrounded by pictures of famous and not so famous women thoughtout the ages. I have done a ton or research and am truly enjoyig this project.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The detail of # IV shows her eyes as she looks directly at the viewer...her staff in hand

Corn Mother

Late in the summer I always think about two of my greatgrandmothers. Both of them were wonderful story tellers. Each of them had a series of stories to go with every season. At harvest they would regale me with stories about Corn Mother. Corn Mothere they said was the female spirt that kept the Earth in ballance.
Remembering these stories, I began a small series with Corn Mother as the focal point.