Saturday, April 07, 2007

It surely has been quite the week. After being teased with a few days of 60 degree weather, winter returned big time. We have had to fill the bird feeder at least twice a day. This was taken three days ago...that blurry stuff is the blizzard.
All this is definatly grist for the mill...but I think I will wait for warmer weather to process this visual information.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

one foot square

Just finished one foot square for the Studio Art Quilt Associates auction. It is a combination of hand and machine quilting. Some how it is so very satisfying to do hand work....tranquil. So off it goes to Katie. If you are interested in seeing other "one foot square" work go to

I am also working on a small tree series called "Anchored" which I will begin to show you all the first of next week. 4 are in particial stages of completion and another 6 are layed out and stacked up awaiting quilting.

It feels so good to be productive again.

I also started a crazy project the first of the year. The idea came when I had to take the some 360 pictures of memorable women off my Amazons All piece. So what I am doing is randomly taking 7 pictures each week and making a collage....experimenting with surface design techniques. When finished it will make a 33 page book! If there is any interest I could publish a page per week..or maybe I should put them on my web site?