Saturday, October 27, 2007


I never realized that Houston was so tropical. The trees and the flowers are amazing. I arrived here Wednesday afternoon...after leaving the rainy, foggy north country. What a treat to see sun in late October.
Friday I went to the convention center to see about the hanging for A Sense of Place. Karey's crew was busily unpacking and hanging the show. I wish everyone could see this process...the hanging the lighting the signage....everything is so professionally done.
One of the things I watched was the hanging of the huge Belonging Quilt. I can not remember how long it is////but many many feet and it is curved. It is made of hexagonal blocks, one for each country in the world and one for each of the indigenous peoples of Canada. The stories behind the blocks brings tears to your eyes. It is a must see if you get a chance.
I will write more tomorrow about the adventure of hanging A sense of Place