Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This is a series of photographs taken from the same point at different seasons. The Cedar River in the upper peninsula of Michigan is a beautiful river. I am blessed to be able to go there and experience its restorative powers
The winter sparkles with snow outlining each branch and the particle ice covering the river.
In the summer it is rich with a multitude of greens and flows gently towards Lake Superior.

Spring comes with the promise of abundance. The new green leaves shining against the dark branches.
Fall brings changes as the colors go from green to rich yellows and golds, hearkening to the end of the growing season and a time for rest.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mothers Acting UP

In the small town where I live, my niece belongs to a group they call Mothers Acting UP. One of the things they do is to organize an alternative holiday art fair.

The idea behind the fair is to support local charity's. Instead of giving a another tie to Uncle Fred, buyers are encouraged to make donation in Uncle Fred's name to a charity. They have 12 local charities that are participating as well as 4 international ones. This is their second year doing this and it promises to be an even bigger event then last year.

Copeland asked me to work be part of their committee. One of my jobs was to find artist to donate small things that could be given out when individuals made a donation to a particular charity. It was an easy sell.

For my part I have gone into the angel pin business. I needed something to do on two recent plane flights. What better then to turn and stuff little angel bodies. I have really enjoyed doing this...and it has become my evening entertainment...so much so that I do not seem to be able to stop. Everyone need an angel.