Monday, December 29, 2008

Blue Forest

I finally finished the "Blue Forerst" a commission work. It was a challenge to use all the blues to create a this piece and still have it reflect "forest".
there are more then several surprises in the, wolf, bear, dear,eagel etc
We have had to postpone our start to Arizona today as we lost power yesterday. We had a huge snow and wind storm making traveling not possible. Hopefully tomorrow.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Like many other artists I was energized by the campaign and election of Barack Obama.

After the election I decided to make a small quilt celebrating the election. The theme would be "together"......that is as Americans we could put aside our differences and come together in a new spirit of patriotism to solve our problems and create a more perfect union.

Then I heard about Sue Walen's idea for and exhibit of Obama art. She has worked had to bring us all together. I am happy to be part of this exhibit.

If you are going to be in the D.C. area during the inauguration please try and see the exhibit.

President Obama: A Celebration in Art Quilts
Location: Cafritz Art Center, 150 King St., Silver Spring, MD
Dates: February 9 - March 5, 2009
Opening Reception: Friday, February 13th

contact: Sue Walen 301-469-6969, by email:
(high resolution photos available)

This show, organized by Susan Walen, comes from an all-volunteer,
grass-roots, multi-ethnic group of fiber artists from all across the
United States and as far away as Australia. Our work is in tribute to our
new President, in gratitude for the hope and inspiration he
has brought us. We present these art quilts at an unforgettable
historic moment in our country's history

Back of the quilt before the sleeve!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays

We were so blessed as a family to be together over the Thanksgiving holidays. Mike, my son-in-law planned a wonderful get together at Disney World in Orlando, FL

We had quite the gathering:
Allison, Mike and their two beautiful daughters Sophia and Marisa came from Boston
Rebecca, Phil and their two lively sons, Julian and Gabe came from Golden, CO
Jennifer and her partner Joe arrive from Houston, TX
Aunt Gail, from Florida
and Grandma Ann Cofone also from Florida
We were joined by Steven Cofone, Mike's brother on Thanksgiving.

So today we are not traveling....but we are thinking of the family and all the wonderful adventures we have shared together.

I am finishing up an Obama quilt...and enjoying the process.
Happy holidays to everyone along with wishes for the New Year to bring us peace and prosperity.