Sunday, September 23, 2007


My garden is at its fall prime. A blaze of colors and beautiful dried forms. Yesterday I finally got around to taking some picturesThis is part of a once yellow coneflower. The seed head is a great example of symmetry. The points on the end catch the light and seem to shimmer

This is another shot of one of the seed heads.

I think I should print both of these on some silk


Not sure about this one, but it does remind me that winter is coming. Looks like snow to me!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Print Day

We had a great day. Weather was warm, not windy and sunny. We gathered at Kathie's studio by the lake. Kathie had begun the set up...and the dyes were mixed. Desi and I helped mix the
print paste.

Here I am printing !

Desi can not wait to get her hands on screen

Kathie is pinning the fabric to the print table. She made the tables from 4 x 8 foam core, with carpet padding and vinal covering ....all cleaverly ducktaped.
This is a detail of one of the pieces of fabric we printed.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ahhh September

I noticed yesterday that the trees are beginning to turn. Alongside the road to town there are scattered yellow and red patches of leaves.,.,.,the ferns are turning golden, and the tall native grasses have wondrous seed heads.

My garden is in is glory...reds, yellows. blues abound. Everything looks so luxurious after the wonderful rain we had earlier this week.

I have only one morning glory plant but it has outdone itself, climbing to the top and covering of the rustic ceder arbor. The shade of blue varies from flower to flower.....some pale others deep blue like this. the markings also are different. Some have diffused lines other blurred and mottled.

I marvel at the structure of plants...the wonderful crown that the mature zinnia displays. Is is purpose to attract bees?

Other plants just demand that you look closely. The 6 foot tall grasses have sweet pea vines and flowers clinging to the stalks.

Black eyed Susan's are like beacons in the garden...with their radiant golds.


Giant Hibiscus flowers with their sensuous centers are definitely show stoppers.
I am off this morning to photograph seed heads...they are always and inspiration for my work.