Monday, January 22, 2007


Last time I posted I was ready to do some painting. However, the weather did not cooperate. It became cloudy and windy. Kept blowing the fabric away...even with tape.
Last night it was raining, and I took the hummingbird feeded down. When I woke up this morning everything was covered with snow.
Later in the morning I took this picture of two birds huddeling on the aguave branch.
so much for coming 2000 plus miles to get away from snow!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Desert Southwest

Greetings to you all from south of Tucson, Arizona. Jer and I are getting settled for a two month stay.
The weather here has been cool, but the environment remains unquestionably beautiful. Yesterday the clouds were below the mountains...I felt as though I were living in the world between!
So far I have spent 4 days working with Thelma Smith doing data entries for She Made Her Mark. It has been a most interesting process to watch her work. While I am busy entering data on one computer, Thelma is on her lap-top....muttering to her self as she views the images and begins a sorting process.
At the end of the day she showed me her progress...whooo eee its going to be an interesting exhibit.
Today I will begin to do some fabric painting..just waiting for it to warm, up a bit.
will take pictures and post them tomorrow.