Wednesday, August 01, 2007


You can see see more of Bodli's work check out her web site.

From the Heart

I have been busily packing up the "From the Heart" exhibit. I has been such a treat to see all the work up close and personal. Mancuso is getting a wonderful taste of European art quilts.

Working with Marion Barnett has been great experience. She is knowledgeable, funny and pays attention to details.

Here is our curators statement:

'From The Heart' is designed to provide a showcase for European art quilt making today. We asked artists to submit pieces that expressed ideas or themes that were close to their hearts; they responded wholeheartedly. Curators often find it difficult to select work that is synergistic; in this case, the exhibit almost selected itself. It forms a wheel of personal expression that begins with the whimsical, moves to fantasy and non-representational/abstract work, and continues through political expression and representational finally circling back to whimsical art. Unusually for an exhibit of this nature, we have chosen, in many cases, to include multiple works from individual artists. We believe this gives the viewer and opportunity to see the development of individual work, as well as providing a cadence to the total exhibit. We also believe that the exhibit highlights the quality and originality of artists working in Europe today.

Over the next few days I will share with you images of the exhibit. The wheel of personal expression begins with the whimisical. Bodil Gardner lives and works in Denmark. Her work is indeed whimiscal

Figures at Rest
45.5” x 40 “
Two people enjoying the Danish Countryside, which is always close to my heart.

Girl with Teacup
52” x 52”

Women, balancing the challenges of life, are my favorite motifs.

Ancient Sunlight
58” x 58”

The ancient, ancient sun shone on the fresh grass and the flower (Richard Jefferies)